Roles of the Academic Department

To encourage students to achieve greater self-reliance in learning through the development of self-study skills, self-discipline and industry
To inspire students with confidence, ambition and aspiration for academic achievements
To administer an effective system in assessing students' academic achievements for the purposes of evaluation, diagnosis, guidance and prediction
To coordinate subject departments in teaching and learning, and to monitor the progress of work


Scope of Work


The Academic Department is responsible for the administration and implementation of the following: (1)Learning and Teaching, (2)Assessment Procedures and (3)Other Management Work


Our Team 2020/2021

  Mr. Cheung Shuk Yee (Assistant Vice Principal) [email protected]
  Mr. Chan Wai Kit (Assistant Vice Principal) [email protected]
  Mr. Law Man Wai (Prefect of Studies) [email protected]
  Ms. Leung Hau Ling (Academic Secretary) [email protected]
  Ms. Li Wing Tung [email protected]
  Mr. Tong Wun Leung [email protected]
  Mr. Wong Chi Cheung [email protected]
  Mr. Chan Koon Yue [email protected]
  Mr. Lam Ka Ki [email protected]
  Ms. Yu Kam Man [email protected]