Parents Letters

           School year:

2020-09-25Po Leung Kuk Indoor Flag Selling 2020
保良局戶內賣旗籌款2020 (P20013)
2020-09-21Jockey Club Coding for Community Project (C4C) – Mentorship Program
賽會編<社>人生計劃 - 師友同行 (P20012)
2020-09-17Implementation of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy and Provision of Subsidy from Community Care Fund (CCF)
有關電子學習自攜裝置(BYOD)計劃及關愛基金資助項目事宜 (P20011)
2020-09-16Arrangement on Form Teacher / Assembly Lessons (September & October, 2020)
班主任課安排 (二零二零年 九月/十月) (P20010)
2020-09-14Arrangement for Resumption of Face-to-Face Classes
恢復面授課堂的相關安排 (P20009)
2020-09-04Message from Discipline Department
訓育組通告 (P20007)
2020-09-03Arrangement on Form Teacher / Assembly Lessons
班主任課安排 (P20008)
2020-09-02Fee collection
繳費通知 (P20006)
2020-09-01School opening matters
開學須知 (P20005)
2020-08-26Timetable of the First Four School Days (1/9/2020-4/9/2020)
9月1日至4日之時間表 (P20004)
2020-07-09Matters concerning newly enrolled S.1 Students
中一新生須知 (P20001)
2020-07-09Smartcard ePayment
校園電子繳費事宜 (P20002)
2020-07-09Music For all Scheme
一人一樂器計劃 (P20003)