Parents Letters

           School year:

2021-06-24COVID-19 Vaccination Programme – Details of Vaccination Arrangement for Students
「2019 冠狀病毒病疫苗接種計劃 - 學生接種疫苗安排詳情」 (P20095)
2021-06-23Preparing for the HKDSE Examination Results Release Day
「迎接721放榜講座」 (P20094)
2021-06-21Life-wide Learning & Support Program Additional Reimbursement & 2nd Phase Reimbursement
「全方位學習及支援計劃」特別津貼及第二期津貼發放事宜 (P20092)
2021-06-21Promotion mark weighting adjustment
全年總分比重調整 (P20093)
2021-06-15COVID-19 Vaccination Programme – Vaccination Arrangement for Students
「2019 冠狀病毒病疫苗接種計劃 - 學生接種疫苗安排」 (P20090)
2021-06-15S5 Post-examination Supplementary Lessons & University Entrance Activities
中五試後補課及升學活動 (P20091)
2021-06-15F.3 TSA 2021 related questionnaire: Survey on learning situations and effectiveness of students under the epidemic
中三級全港性系統評估2021關聯問卷:疫情期間學生學習情況問卷調查 (P20089)
2021-06-08Sexuality Education Workshop for Parents
「家長性通識教育工作坊」 (P20088)
2021-06-07Graduation Ceremony 2020-2021
2020-2021年度畢業頒獎禮 (P20086)
2021-06-07Post-examination Activities
試後活動通知 (P20087)
2021-05-24Po Leung Kuk Flag Selling Day 2021
保良局賣旗籌款 2021 (P20085)
2021-05-21Territory-wide System Assessment (TSA)
全港性系統評估事宜 (P20084)
2021-05-20Checking of Examination Papers
核對試卷事宜 (P20082)
2021-05-20Fee collection
繳費通知 (P20083)
2021-05-18Whole-school Resumption of Half-day Face-to-face Class Arrangements
學校全面恢復半天面授課堂的相關安排 (P20081)
2021-05-17S.4 Subject Selection and Multiple Pathways Talk
中四選科及多元出路講座 (P20079)
2021-05-17Second Examination
第二次考試通知 (P20080)
2021-05-14Purchasing Summer Holiday Exercises
購買暑期作業 (P20078)
2021-05-03Arrangement on Form Teacher / Assembly Lessons (May, 2021)
班主任課安排 (二零二一年五月) (P20077)
2021-04-29School Arrangements in May
五月份學校安排 (P20076)
2021-04-232nd Term Uniform Test of Chinese Language
中國語文科第二學期統測 (P20075)
2021-04-20Sexuality Education Workshop for Parents
「家長性通識教育工作坊」 (P20074)
2021-03-30Arrangement on Form Teacher / Assembly Lessons (April, 2021)
班主任課安排 (二零二一年四月) (P20073)
2021-03-29Elective Subject Withdrawal
選修科退修建議 (P20071)
2021-03-29Latest School Arrangements in April
最新四月份學校安排 (P20072)
2021-03-23School Arrangements in April
四月份學校安排 (P20069)
2021-03-23Arrangements for 2nd Term Uniform Test
第二學期統測安排 (P20070)
2021-03-22Enrichment Tutorial Class during Easter Holidays
復活節假期學科增益強化班事宜 (P20068)
2021-03-19Change to Summer Uniform
更換夏季校服通知 (P20067)
2021-03-17Arrangements for Parents’ Day and the Distribution of First Term Reports
家長日及第一學期成績表派發安排 (P20066)
2021-03-04School Arrangements in March
三月份學校安排 (P20065)
2021-03-02Arrangement on Form Teacher / Assembly Lessons (March, 2021)
班主任課安排 (二零二一年三月) (P20064)
2021-02-262020-2021 Refund of F.6 Graduates e-Payment Account Balance
2020-2021年度中六畢業生電子繳費系統結餘退款事宜 (P20061)
2021-02-26Stage Cultural Day
展藝文化日 (P20062)
2021-02-26Use of Student Google Accounts
使用學生Google 戶口 (P20063)
2021-02-10Volunteer Services
義工服務 (P20060)
2021-02-09School Arrangements after Chinese New Year Holidays
農曆新年假後學校安排 (P20057)
2021-02-09Arrangements for Continuous Assessments
持續評估安排 (P20058)
2021-02-09Arrangements for S6 Post Mock Exam Practice
中六級模擬試後操練安排 (P20059)
2021-02-08Po Leung Kuk CNY Charity Walk 2021
保良局新春行大運--慈善步行2021 (P20056)
2021-01-27Arrangement on Form Teacher / Assembly Lessons (January, 2021)
班主任課安排 (二零二一年二月) (P20055)
2021-01-25Distribution of BYOD Mobile Devices
分發電子學習自攜流動裝置 (P20053)
2021-01-25Late Submission of Online 1st Examination Papers
遲交第一學期網上考試試卷 (P20054)
2021-01-20Fee collection
繳費通知 (P20052)
2021-01-18Application of CCF Subsidy to Purchase BYOD Mobile Devices (2nd Batch)
申請關愛基金資助訂購電子學習自攜流動裝置 (第二期) (P20050)
2021-01-18Establishment of Closer Communication with Parents
與家長建立更緊密的溝通 (P20051)
2021-01-13Purchasing Computer Text Book and online Learning Materials
購買電腦科課本及網上教材 (P20048)
2021-01-13Arrangements for the Post-examination Period (18 January to 9 February 2021)
第一學期考試後安排 (2021年1月18日至2月9日) (P20049)
2021-01-12F.6 Mock Examination
中六級模擬試通知 (P20047)
2021-01-05Arrangements for S3 Students Returning to School to Take the 1st Examination
中三級回校進行第一學期考試安排 (P20046)
2021-01-04Arrangement on Form Teacher / Assembly Lessons (January, 2021)
班主任課安排 (二零二一年一月) (P20045)
2020-12-29Arrangements for S1-S5 Online 1st Examination and S6 Face-to-face Lessons
中一至中五級第一學期網上考試及中六級面授課堂的安排 (P20044)
2020-12-22Academic Honesty
有關遵守學術誠信事宜 (P20043)
2020-12-21Po Leung Kuk Casserole Feast 2020
保良局慈善盆菜2020 (P20042)
2020-12-18Cancellation of Music Festival and Christmas Celebration
取消樂韻飄揚音樂日及班際聖誕慶祝會 (P20041)
2020-12-16Enrichment Tutorial Class during Christmas Holidays
聖誕假期學科增益強化班事宜 (P20040)
2020-12-04Arrangements for the Resumption of S6 Face-to-face Classes
恢復中六級面授課堂的相關安排 (P20039)
2020-12-01Cancellation of School Sports Days
取消學校運動會 (P20038)
2020-11-30Arrangements for the Suspension of Face-to-face Classes
學校停止面授課堂的安排 (P20037)
2020-11-27Arrangement on Form Teacher / Assembly Lessons (December, 2020)
班主任課安排 (二零二零年十二月) (P20036)
2020-11-20Parents’ Day Arrangements
家長日安排 (P20035)
2020-11-19Supporting Online Learning of Financially Needy Students at Home
支援有經濟需要學生在家上網學習 (P20034)
2020-11-17Fee collection
繳費通知 (P20033)
2020-11-12Signing of eNotices
簽署電子通告 (P20032)
2020-11-10Purchasing HKDSE Mathematics Revision Exercise Book
購買香港中學文憑試數學科練習 (P20031)
2020-11-09Change to Winter Uniform
更換冬季校服通知 (P20030)
2020-11-042020 – 2021 Student Mental Health Support Scheme Survey
2020 – 2021 「醫教社同心協作計劃」問卷 (P20029)
2020-11-03Arrangement on Form Teacher / Assembly Lessons (November, 2020)
班主任課安排 (二零二零年十一月) (P20028)
2020-10-28Purchase of BYOD Mobile Devices
訂購電子學習自攜流動裝置 (P20027)
2020-10-23Fee collection for F.1
中一級繳費通知 (P20025)
2020-10-23New Arrangement of School Picnic
學校旅行的更新安排 (P20026)
2020-10-20ePayment System
電子繳費系統 (P20024)
2020-10-15Volunteer Services
義工服務 (P20023)
2020-10-12S.1 Parent-Form Teacher Gathering and Parents Talk
中一家長與班主任真情對話分享會及家長講座 (P20020)
2020-10-12Parents Talk – “Positive Parenting: Positive Language”
「正向親子溝通」家長講座 (P20021)
2020-10-12Study Weeks for First Term Test
上學期測驗溫習周 (P20022)
2020-10-09Student Grant (2020/21)
學生津貼 (2020/21) (P20018)
2020-10-09Purchasing HKDSE Mathematics Revision Exercise Book
購買香港中學文憑試數學科練習 (P20019)
2020-10-05First Term Test (F.1-F.5)
上學期測驗通知 (P20015)
2020-10-05First Term Test (F.6)
上學期測驗通知 (P20016)
2020-10-05F3 Extensive Reading Scheme – Briefing Session & ERS DAYS
中三級廣泛閱讀計劃 — 簡介會及小組閱讀分享日 (P20017)
2020-09-29Mathematics Revision Class
高中數學科溫習班 (P20014)
2020-09-25Po Leung Kuk Indoor Flag Selling 2020
保良局戶內賣旗籌款2020 (P20013)
2020-09-21Jockey Club Coding for Community Project (C4C) – Mentorship Program
賽會編<社>人生計劃 - 師友同行 (P20012)
2020-09-17Implementation of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy and Provision of Subsidy from Community Care Fund (CCF)
有關電子學習自攜裝置(BYOD)計劃及關愛基金資助項目事宜 (P20011)
2020-09-16Arrangement on Form Teacher / Assembly Lessons (September & October, 2020)
班主任課安排 (二零二零年 九月/十月) (P20010)
2020-09-14Arrangement for Resumption of Face-to-Face Classes
恢復面授課堂的相關安排 (P20009)
2020-09-04Message from Discipline Department
訓育組通告 (P20007)
2020-09-03Arrangement on Form Teacher / Assembly Lessons
班主任課安排 (P20008)
2020-09-02Fee collection
繳費通知 (P20006)
2020-09-01School opening matters
開學須知 (P20005)
2020-08-26Timetable of the First Four School Days (1/9/2020-4/9/2020)
9月1日至4日之時間表 (P20004)
2020-07-09Matters concerning newly enrolled S.1 Students
中一新生須知 (P20001)
2020-07-09Smartcard ePayment
校園電子繳費事宜 (P20002)
2020-07-09Music For all Scheme
一人一樂器計劃 (P20003)