Parents Letters

           School year:

2018-10-03Volunteer Services
義工服務 (P18030)
2018-10-03Stay Vigilant against Chickenpox
預防水痘 (P18031)
2018-09-24Po Leung Kuk Joint School Swimming Gala
保良局聯校水運會事 (P18029)
2018-09-19S3 Day For you and Project Presentation Day 2018
中三級與你同樂日及專題研習展繽紛-專題匯報日2018 (P18028)
2018-09-18F.3 Extensive Reading Scheme - ERS DAYS
中三級廣泛閱讀計劃-小組閱讀分享日 (P18027)
2018-09-14「2018-2019年度保良局屬下中學生北京交流考察團」改期事宜 (P18026)
2018-09-13Day for You (2018-2019)
與你同樂日(2018-2019) (P18023)
2018-09-13Project Presentation Day 2018
專題研習展繽紛-專題匯報日2018 (P18024)
2018-09-13First Term F.1 Homework Class
上學期中一級功課班安排 (P18025)
2018-09-12Campus Tour for F.1 Parents and ’Project of Healthy Teenager’ briefing session
中一家長校園遊及「健康SUN TEEN」計劃簡介會 (P18022)
2018-09-10Mathematics Revision Class
高中數學科溫習班 (P18015)
2018-09-10Beijing Cultural Exchange Tour
北京音樂文化探索之旅(五天) (P18021)
2018-09-07Po Leung Kuk Beijing Cultural Exchange Tour
保良局屬下中學生北京交流考察團(5天) (P18016)
2018-09-07Arrangement of Red House F.1 Cheering Team Practice
紅社中一級啦啦隊練習通告 (P18017)
2018-09-07Arrangement of Yellow House F.1 Cheering Team Practice
黃社中一級啦啦隊練習通告 (P18018)
2018-09-07Arrangement of Blue House F.1 Cheering Team Practice
藍社中一級啦啦隊練習通告 (P18019)
2018-09-07Arrangement of Green House F.1 Cheering Team Practice
綠社中一級啦啦隊練習通告 (P18020)
2018-09-06Secondhand instruments for sale
二手樂器出售 (P18008)
2018-09-06Arrangement on Form Teacher / Assembly Lessons
班主任課安排 (P18013)
2018-09-05S.6 English Uniform Exam Practice and Assessment Arrangement
中六英文科課後考試練習及評核安排 (P18012)
2018-09-05Arrangement on Swimming Lessons
游泳課通知書 (P18014)
2018-09-04Message from Discipline Department
訓導組通告 (P18009)
2018-09-04Application for Student Locker
申請學生儲物櫃 (P18010)
2018-09-04Vigilance against communicable diseases in School
保持警覺,預防傳染病 (P18011)
2018-09-03School Opening Matters
開學須知 (P18004)
2018-09-03Fee Collection
繳費通知 (P18005)
2018-09-03Collection of the Fee for Purchasing Drawing & painting set
購買繪畫用具 (P18006)
2018-09-03Collection of instrument for resale
樂器回收及轉售 (P18007)
2018-07-12Matters concerning newly enrolled S.1 Students
中一新生須知 (P18001)
2018-07-12Smartcard Payment
校園電子繳費事宜 (P18002)
2018-07-12Music For All Scheme
一人一樂器計劃 (P18003)